Case of the WEEK ‼️ CAN YOU GUESS? ⁉️ 🐶 ………….. that’s RIGHT, if you guess Bladder Stones, you’re 💯 CORRECT!

Gracie Marie presented to us on Monday for small, painful, and frequent amounts of urination. Upon checking X-Rays, we discovered several 1.4 cm sized stones in her bladder along with a TON of smaller ones. ❌ We told mom not to worry, because we could treat this surgically with a Cystotomy, or in some cases a Urinary Dissolution Diet. Gracie’s mom opted for surgery, considering the size and amount of stones. A Cystotomy is a procedure that involves a small incision to the bladder and removing the stones. Typically recovery is a couple of weeks that might involve exercise restriction, cage rest, pain medication, a special urinary diet for life, etc.

Thanks to our wonderful Dr Christensen and Dr Zaranek, Gracie Marie is doing so well now and on her way to a speedy recovery! ❤️‍🩹🩹💪🏻👏🏻