At ABC Veterinary Hospitals, our goal is to provide all the care your pet needs in one convenient location. We know how frustrating it can be to have to shuttle a sick animal around San Diego just to get an accurate diagnosis.


For a healthy pet, regular wellness care usually indicates, blood work, urinalysis and fecal testing. This proactive approach allows our veterinarians to identify and treat disease in its earliest stages. Kidney and bladder problems are easier to diagnose when we have baseline test results from your pet. Every animal is unique, and their own testing history can make identifying health problems even easier. Fecal tests also help us find signs of intestinal parasites before they become life-threatening.
When you bring your pet in for standard surgical procedures, such as a spay/neuter or dental care, we can use our in house laboratory to ensure their overall health before we put them under anesthesia. This means a safer procedure for your pet and more peace of mind for you.


ABC Veterinary Hospitals are proud to provide in house laboratory services to pet owners in the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Bay Park, Mission Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Ocean Beach and the surrounding areas at our Pacific Beach location, as well as Uptown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, Mission Hills, Altadena and the surrounding areas at our Uptown location.