At ABC Veterinary Hospitals, we take your pet’s safety seriously. In addition to our regular wellness care and illness management, we also offer animal microchipping services. We consider this a vital step in keeping your pet happily by your side for years to come.


San Diego pets can especially benefit from microchipping. Fifty percent of all pets will be lost at least once in their lifetime. In a large and bustling city, it’s easy for pets to get hurt if they’re less familiar with being outdoors. When an animal is missing, they can end up at a variety of shelters here in the city. California still struggles with the high volume of pets that are found and stray animals that are lost. You can help reduce these problems by getting your cat or dog microchipped.

The procedure is quick and simple for your pet. We’ll use a needle to insert a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice just under the skin. When done properly by a veterinarian, microchipping is almost painless. We can also perform the procedure when a pet is already under anesthesia, such as during a spay or neuter surgery.
The way the microchip works is straightforward. When a lost animal is found, any shelter or clinic can scan them for a microchip. The chip contains an ID number, which is linked to the owner’s personal information in a database. The benefit of this is that the phone number and address can be changed any time you move. All you have to do is ensure that your information is updated in the microchip company’s system. Then your lost animal can always be located.


ABC Veterinary Hospitals are proud to provide microchipping to pet owners in the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Bay Park, Mission Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Ocean Beach and the surrounding areas at our Pacific Beach location, as well as Uptown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, Mission Hills, Altadena and the surrounding areas at our Uptown location.