First, the team here at ABC Veterinary Hospitals wants to commend you for making the right decision to spay or neuter your pet. The animal community here in San Diego benefits greatly from responsible pet owners. With crowded shelters and too few loving homes, we’ve made it our goal to make spay and neuter services as widely available as possible.


Spaying or neutering is also one of the most important preventative health measures you can provide for your pet. This procedure helps pets lead longer, healthier lives. For female cats and dogs, the risk of ovarian, uterine cancer and of mammary tumors is significantly reduced with this procedure. Spaying also eliminates heat cycles and their associated problems for your pets and your home. Neutered male cats and dogs tend to be less aggressive. The likelihood of testicular and prostate cancer decreases. The urges to “mark” their territory may lessen. A neutered male is less in search of potential mates.
Our state-of-the-art veterinary facilities provide a safe environment for your pet. We use careful monitoring of vital signs, sterile protocols. Experienced veterinarians and staff carefully monitor and observe animals after surgery for a safe and uneventful recovery protocols, experienced veterinarians and careful recovery observation to ensure a smooth surgery for every animal we see.


By spaying or neutering your pet, you are doing the right thing to help eliminate dog and cat overpopulation problems in San Diego -- and you’re helping your pet too.


ABC Veterinary Hospitals are proud to provide spay & neuter procedures to pet owners in the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Bay Park, Mission Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Ocean Beach and the surrounding areas at our Pacific Beach location, as well as Uptown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, Mission Hills, Altadena and the surrounding areas at our Uptown location.