Puppy and kitten care is important for keeping the newest members of your family healthy. Whether you’ve adopted them from the San Diego Humane Society or found them as a stray, every animal needs appropriate medical care.


One of the first steps in puppy or kitten care is bringing them in for a wellness exam. The veterinarian can give you an overview of their condition and let you know about current or potential health concerns. They can provide an individualized vaccination schedule for your pet after going over their history and home environment with you.

We encourage responsible pet owners to schedule puppies and kittens for spay or neuter procedures. This step ensures that all animals in San Diego and the larger community can have loving homes. We also suggest getting them microchipped in the event that they go missing, especially if you haven’t had them for long. We can perform both of these procedures at the same time.
Parasite prevention is another important part of your puppy or kitten’s veterinary care. It not only protects your pet, but it also protects your family.

Roundworm, whipworm and hookworm are all 100 percent preventable. These intestinal parasites that pets and wildlife may be harboring can be shed in their feces at parks, playgrounds and sandboxes. The microscopic eggs of these intestinal parasites are often unknowingly ingested by children as they play.


The Center for Disease Control recommends a schedule of multiple dewormings to reduce the chance of infection. It is important to have your pet’s feces examined yearly by a licensed veterinarian to ensure your pet is not harboring parasites. Many of the parasites do not cause your pet to become symptomatic until long after an infection has taken place. We can discuss parasite prevention for puppies and kittens with you at a wellness exam.


ABC Veterinary Hospitals are proud to provide puppy and kitten care to pet owners in the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Bay Park, Mission Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Ocean Beach and the surrounding areas at our Pacific Beach location, as well as Uptown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, Mission Hills, Altadena and the surrounding areas at our Uptown location.