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ABC Veterinary HospitalWhat to Expect with Fear Free

What is Fear Free and why is it important?

Why is Fear Free Care Important at ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach?

Do you want your dogs and cats to enjoy happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives? Do you wish you had the knowledge and tools to make that happen for them? We all cherish our pets and want what’s best for them throughout their lives. However, we might not always have the right resources or information to fully achieve that goal. Take, for instance, visits to your veterinary hospital. Why is it that, for many of us and our pets, these visits often trigger feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress? What if a trip to the veterinary hospital could become something both you and your pet look forward to?

This is where Fear Free Care at ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach comes into play. Our mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and to educate and inspire those who care for them. Fear Free Care focuses on enhancing both the physical and emotional well-being of your pets and aims to transform the petrified into the relaxed. Your visit with us will be filled with carefully planned details designed to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. You will notice the use of calming pheromones, soothing music, warm towels, catnip, high-reward treats, and a staff well-versed in gentle handling and understanding pet body language and behavior.

Fear Free represents a voluntary training and formal certification process that our clinic has opted to pursue for the betterment of its patients. The majority of our staff has successfully completed this training, and our clinic is advancing towards attaining full Fear Free certification.


What Does Fear Free Care Mean to Us?

We’ve all been nervous about going to the doctor. However, unlike people, our pets can’t understand that visiting the veterinarian is in their best interest when they get scared. That’s why ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach is a Fear Free Certified Practice. Because you can’t simply tell your dog or cat not to be afraid, we demonstrate to them that they don’t have to be. The objective of Fear Free is to “take the pet out of petrified” by providing education for our doctors and veterinary staff. Our team employs the most gentle, stress-reducing methods possible when caring for your pet. Moreover, they can provide you with guidance and tips on how to apply these practices at home.

Benefits of Choosing a Fear Free Clinic

Fear Free certification offers benefits to everyone involved. It not only enhances the emotional well-being of pets but also reduces stress for pet owners, increasing the likelihood of regular veterinary care. Fear Free pets are also more likely to cooperate during exams, making the entire process safer for both patients and medical staff members.

To learn more, please visit Fear Free’s website.

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