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Veterinary ServicesOur Veterinary Services

At ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Veterinary Services in San Diego, CA

It is our mission to partner with our clients to nurture and preserve the human-animal bond by providing compassionate, expert, and affordable veterinary care from your pet’s first adventure throughout a long and healthy life.

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At Home Vet Care

This personalized approach ensures that pets receive top-notch medical attention without the stress of a clinic visit.

New Service!

ABC Veterinary Hospital goes the extra mile in providing exceptional pet care by offering house call services. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of pet owners, ABC Veterinary Hospital brings their professional and compassionate veterinary care directly to the comfort of clients’ homes.

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Pet Medical Exams

Whether you bring your pet in for their annual exam or because they are sick, we will gently and carefully examine them from the end of their snout to the tip of their tail.

Pet Medical Care

Pet Medical Care

At ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach, we provide comprehensive evaluations and high-quality medicine for sick and injured pets. Your dog or cat will receive attentive care from our experienced staff, and we will do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Pet Vaccines

At ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach, your pet can have a longer, healthier life if you evaluate them frequently and keep their required vaccines up to date.

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Pet Parasite Protection

It’s possible that you can’t always detect if your pet has parasites. Fleas can conceal themselves under your pet’s fur, and some ticks are so small they are just the size of a pinhead, making them incredibly elusive.

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Pet Dentistry

Our veterinarians continue to evolve our dental standards through regular discussions with veterinary dentists to ensure we remain at the forefront of veterinary dental practices. 

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Pet In-House Laboratory

Whether for routine wellness visits or emergency care, our in-house laboratory saves vital time in testing and diagnosing.

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Pet Diagnostic Imaging

A comprehensive physical examination is an essential component of any veterinarian visit, but occasionally we need to dig a little deeper to figure out why your pet isn’t feeling well.

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Pet Surgery

We are glad to offer a variety of surgical treatments to our patients as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the finest caliber of veterinary care.

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Pet Consultations

Our veterinarians offer consultations and would happily meet with you to discuss important topics like nutritional counseling, pet weight loss or management, and behavioral issues.

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Pet Health Certificates

Health certificates, sometimes known as travel certificates, are always required for international travel, and many airlines require them for domestic travel.


Vet Technician Visits

Health certificates, sometimes known as travel certificates, are always required for international travel, and many airlines require them for domestic travel.


Pet End of Life

At ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach, we are here to help during this difficult time. Our caring veterinarians and staff provide compassionate end-of-life care.

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Pet Biopsy

The biopsy site generally requires no care other than keeping it clean.


Pet Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

To fulfill your pet’s needs, we keep a complete selection of medications, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control treatments, and heartworm preventatives on hand.

pet nutrition

Pet Nutritional Consultations

Do you need help better understanding your dog or cat’s nutritional needs? If so, let our team help. 

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Pet Allergies and Dermatology

Fungus, germs, allergies, and parasites cause severe itching and pain on your pet’s skin.

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Pet Anesthesia

Sometimes, your pet will require general anesthesia or sedation in our care (dental services, surgical procedures, and some anxious or fearful patients for exams or medical diagnostics).

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Pet Pain Management

We believe that your pet should have resources available to manage their pain. This level of superior patient care distinguishes us from other hospitals. 

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Pet Puppy and Kitten Care

Congratulations on your new kitten or puppy! We anticipate many years of enjoyment, companionship, and love from them.

senior pet care

Pet Senior Care

As pets get older, they may develop a range of medical issues and diseases. Changes might occur gradually, making them less noticeable. 


Pet Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a healing technique that has been used for thousands of years in humans and animals.