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In some cases, your pet will require general anesthesia or sedation while in our care (dental services, surgical procedures, some anxious or fearful patients for exams, or to perform medical diagnostics).

Pet Anesthesia

We endeavor to make your pet’s anesthesia process as safe as possible at ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach. We limit anesthesia risks by doing pre-anesthetic labwork and using advanced patient monitoring equipment with a dedicated Certified Veterinary Technician.

Pet Anesthesia

Appropriately administered general anesthesia poses minimal risk to the patient. This is due to a combination of pre-anesthetic evaluation (which includes physical exams, blood tests, and any further medical diagnostics such as ultrasounds and radiography) and our conviction in a multimodal strategy. We use a variety of analgesic medications to reduce the level of general anesthetic necessary). We also employ cutting-edge anesthetic monitoring technology. Many patients are awake and standing within 15 to 20 minutes after the procedure’s completion and may go home the same day. Our crew is well-trained to diagnose and monitor your pet’s well-being and suffering during these treatments.

Pre-Anesthetic Administration:

  • Your pet’s medical record will be thoroughly checked before any drugs are administered (bloodwork, radiographs, and general health history). Every member of our surgical team will examine them. This phase of your pet’s inspection includes taking vital signs and listening to their heart and respiratory system.
  • Following your pet’s pre-anesthetic examination, the veterinarian and a lead surgical technician will devise a suitable drug plan (pre- and post-anesthetic medications and pain management).

During Anesthesia:

  • Your veterinarian and your pet’s anesthesia technician will use cutting-edge monitoring technology to monitor your pet while sedating them closely.
  • The entire surgical team will monitor your pet’s vital signs and pain level. This allows the staff to modify your pet’s anesthetic as their needs change.


  • Following the procedure, your pet will be transferred to a recovery suite and watched one-on-one (with a recovery nurse) until they are completely awake, breathing independently, and swallowing.
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