Southern California is a truly awesome place to be a pet owner.

We have sandy beaches for playing with those water-loving dogs. The weather is always beautiful for a walk to one of our many parks. There’s always sunlight streaming in through the window making that perfect spot for your cat to lie in. With all these amazing perks, it’s easy to forget that we also need to take care of the responsibilities we have as pet owners. One of the biggest steps we can take is to find the right veterinarian that fits our needs near us in La Jolla. This will be the person we can turn to when our pets eat a chicken bone left over after an oceanside picnic, or get in a fight with another dog at the park, or get a little too overweight from all that lazing about.

Full Range of Care

The last thing you want to do is cart your pet all around La Jolla trying to find veterinarians that fit each of their needs. There’s one place that does wellness care and another that’ll provide x-rays and ultrasound for a more complicated diagnosis and still another that can perform the surgery your pet needs to stay healthy. Save yourself the headache by choosing a veterinary clinic that can do all of these different parts of your pet’s medical care. The last thing you need while you’re stressed and pulling out your hair is being told to drive clear across town with a sick pet.

Friendly and Experienced

It’s tempting to go for the place that’s closest to your apartment, but try to take the time to really do your research here. If you can form a good working relationship with your veterinarian, it’s more likely that you’ll head back for those regular wellness checks — which are one of the best ways to keep your vet bills down in the long run. An experienced veterinarian may also find diseases and medical conditions earlier (the benefits of having been around the block a time or two) which can mean a world of difference for your pet’s health outcomes.

If you have any questions about finding the right veterinarian near La Jolla, please feel free to reach out to us at ABC Veterinary Hospital.