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Veterinary ServicePet Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

To fulfil your pet’s needs, we keep a complete selection of medications, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control treatments, and heartworm preventatives on hand. We also offer a complete array of prescription diets.

Pet Pharmacy and Prescription Diets in San Diego, CA

ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach is a full-service, in-house pharmacy for your pet’s health needs, with prescription refills available for various items and dietary restrictions.

Pet Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

Our pharmacy is well-equipped with the items you need. We can either ship your medicines to your home or pick them up at the hospital. Refills for Flea & Tick Preventatives, Prescriptions, Compound Medication, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements, and Prescription Diet Pet Food are available at our pharmacy!

ABC Veterinary Hospital Pacific Beach is thrilled to present a NEW Online Pharmacy service to help you fill and refill your pet’s medication needs, including prescription meals, monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention, and any medicine prescribed by our vets – all from the comfort of your own home via our website. Imagine –  never miss another month of tick prevention for your pet, or have your pet’s food delivered right to your home on time and schedule. While our pricing is competitive with other mail-order pharmacies, we guarantee our goods’ quality, potency, and safety. This service is just a click away!

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We serve the communities of San Diego, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach, Mission Valley, Mission Hills, Clairemont, La Jolla, Encinitas, Del Mar, Hillcrest, and North Park.

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